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In California, Discount Disneyland tickets can be combined with other Californian parks and attractions. These are Universal Studios - Hollywood, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld. A top recommendation from Park Savers 

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In California, Discount Disneyland tickets can be combined with other Californian parks and attractions. These are Universal Studios - Hollywood, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld. A top recommendation from Park Savers 

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In California, Discount Disneyland tickets can be combined with other Californian parks and attractions. These are Universal Studios - Hollywood, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld. A top recommendation from Park Savers 


Walt Elias Disney has a legendary status as an animator, voice actor and movie. But apart from his pioneering role in the sphere of animated films, millions of children and parents fondly remember him for the establishment of the iconic Disney amusement parks, with the opening of the Disneyland in California on July 17, 1955. 

Today, we have several theme parks in America and around the globe but the only one directly built under Walt Disney’s supervision, is the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, where the Park Savers’ California adventure discount tickets

can very well be used. 

Since it was originally the only attraction on the property; its official name was changed to Disneyland Park in the 1990s to distinguish it from the expanding complex. Today we have the equally popular Walt Disney World Resort, also called the Disney World, as a huge complex near Orlando in Florida. 

These complexes and associated tourist spots attract millions of tourists from the country and abroad all through the year and provide unlimited fun and entertainment for the whole family and especially the kids. While every dollar spent in visiting these exciting resorts worth it, it also makes sense to look for reliable and efficient ways to cut down costs if we could. 

Importance of proper tickets and ticket providers 

When a family is on a big holiday with many spots to cover, it looks to reduce expenses and make the most of the money invested. This is where the services of a reputed and efficient online ticketing platform like Park Savers and its partner ‘Get Away Today makes a huge difference. They help potential visitors find the best deals on Disneyland hopper, both passes   and tickets for admission to the theme parks and other facilities. They offer authentic and expert support in buying the tickets at the best possible discounts. They also offer step-by-step guidance to decide the best deal for a family or individual based on all their specific requirements and situation of the visitors starting with Disneyland 1 day park hopper tickets. That is why they have built a reputation as the no.1 provider for Disneyland hopper tickets and hopper passes, as well as other associated attractions at a highly affordable and attractive price.  

Best price for Disneyland tickets

Visitors eager to buy  discount Disney theme park tickets,  or those for the  Universal Studios and other attractions like SeaWorld, or even other associated activity like a Disney Cruise, ca simply turn to  Park Savers to assist them to find the best available deal. For the theme parks, there are two major types of tickets on offer - Disneyland hopper tickets and 1 park- Disneyland discount tickets 1 day. In addition, there are also a number of combo Disneyland tickets and passes on offer. 

In California, Discount Disneyland tickets can be combined with other Californian parks and attractions. These are Universal Studios - Hollywood, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld. A top recommendation from Park Savers is the South California City PASS. This combo offers the following benefits: 3- Day Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket 1 Day LEGOLAND 1 Day SeaWorld

Buying such a Disneyland hopper pass like CityPASS that costs $353 per ticket which means a 33% savings over the price of the three separate tickets. The other recommended combo ticket is the one that admits visitors to Disneyland and Universal Studios. Such combo has various ticket options like the following: Disneyland 2 day park hopper tickets for adult + 1 Day Universal: 3-Day Adult Disneyland Park Hopper + 1 Day Universal: 4-Day Adult Disneyland Park Hopper + 1 Day Universal:

A third combo offer from Park Savers that customers can take advantage of is the bundle of three surprises - 2 day hopper pass Disneyland together with those of LEGOLAND and SeaWorld. Legoworld is maintained by the world famous Denmark based LEGO Company and is located in Carlsbad, California. It even has a Lego themed water park and Aquarium.

Getting to know the Disney Landscape

It is a good idea for visitors to familiarise themselves with the major Disney linked attractions in California as well as Florida, before they get research to buy the tickets at a good bargain from Park Savers to savour the main attractions of the two places and make the best of the opportunity. Southern California Southern California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The gorgeous beaches, charming weather, and high quality hotels and international range of restaurants make it a great vacation experience for the entire families. Los Angeles has three major airports, including the main Los Angeles airport. That is where the famous Hollywood attracts visitors. If the focus is San Diego, and it’s SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, visitors can fly directly into the San Diego International Airport. While in San Diego or Los Angeles or any other part of the region, you have a good public transport system as well as the LYFT or UBER services , which are two convenient and reasonably priced ride-sharing agencies that are popular there. Both services accept convenient payment through credit cards and Apple Pay. What is more, Park savers are ready to help out by providing promotion codes to help you pay less for your ride!

The Disneyland Resort, in Anaheim, California:

The original and iconic theme park is better known as Disneyland, is a complex amusement park and resort in Anaheim, California. It is now owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company.  The complex is in fact, made up of two theme parks (Disneyland Park, which is divided into eight themed ‘lands’ and Disney California Adventure. It also houses three luxury hotels, as well as a fascinating complex called the Downtown Disney, which is packed with shopping area, restaurants , and entertainment venues. Park Savers offers the best Disneyland California discount tickets to enjoy the rich splendours of the theme parks to bring unlimited joy to the stream of visitors.  

Incidentally, Anaheim, California, was a relatively unknown place until  Walt Disney chose to build his theme park there. But over  the years, it has been transformed into a major tourist destination, with its iconic theme parks and other exciting  attractions. The best option to see all these is to buy the   Disneyland Anaheim discount tickets. 

In view of the expansion of the original Park created by Walt Disney, the complex was named the Disneyland Resort. The original theme park was renamed Disneyland Park. The company purchased the Disneyland Hotel from the Wrather Company and the Pan Pacific Hotel from the Tokyu Group. The Pan Pacific Hotel was renamed as the Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel in 2000. In 2001 Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa was added. In the same year, the second theme park, called Disney California Adventure, featuring special rides centered on a Golden State theme and the Downtown Disney were created. To help visitors make these, there are cheap Disneyland park hopper tickets available.

Disney Parks and Resorts are fantastic realizations of the visionary creativity and enterprise of its founder, Walt Disney. Back in the 1950s, Walt Disney gave shape to a new and exciting form of wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Generations of children and parents would remain grateful to him for that. 

His vision has now been widened to encompass many major cities that are home to the six world’s major family holiday destinations – 2 in America and the others in Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In addition, the company also runs the prestigious and world-class attractions like Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney Imagineering. It is a matter of great convenience and benefit for visitors that Park Savers provide to help them enjoy the pleasures of many of these reputed resorts and theme parks on their own or with their families all through the year. 

Vast crowds visit those parks during the summer and spring break as well as the Christmas and New Year seasons. Weekdays, particularly during the off-season periods are much quieter. The off season runs from mid-January to early March and again from September to mid- November. This is the time to have a more relaxed trip through the parks and other facilities. Park Savers provides suitable and more discounted tickets during the lean season.

When you are in Disneyland, the list of top 10 things to do is:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • It's a small world
  • Star Tours
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Space Mountain.
  • Mad Tea Party (also called the "The Teacups")
  •  Disneyland Railroad – Grand Circle Tour
  • Flash mountain 
  • Fatasmic 

How Disneyland and Disney World are different:

Uninitiated visitors might confuse between the Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Many might even be under the impression that visiting one of these two is good enough as the two Disney resorts in the U.S., are practically the same. But this is not true. Disneyland is in California, on the West Coast and Walt Disney World in the Orlando in the East has many things in common, but they are also quite different in several ways.

Size and number of parks:

Walt Disney World: The most striking difference between the resorts is their size. Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, extends over 43 square miles. That’s around twice the area of Manhattan or nearly the size of San Francisco itself! You can find four theme parks here: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and   Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The highlight of the Walt Disney World is the Cinderella Castle.

Disneyland: It is located in Anaheim, California, and it is much smaller, covering an area of around 500 acres. It has to two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Here we find the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. You can cover all these with Park Savers’ cheap Disneyland California tickets. 


Walt Disney World: Both resorts have high-class hotels, for the convenience of guests who wish to stay close the scene of all the fun ad entertainment. Walt Disney World has about two dozen hotels, of various budget ranges. The most important one in this resort is Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Disneyland: There are three hotels on the property: Disney’s Paradise Pierthe Disneyland Hotel, and the resort’s flagship hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.


Walt Disney World: From any of the hotels within the complex, there are resort buses that offer complimentary trips to the parks. Other means of transport like the monorail, boats, and ferries are also available to the guests to reach the theme parks. Similar arrangements are in place for moving from one park to another or to move to the Disney Springs

Disneyland:  Since the size of the resort is smaller, traveling from the three hotels to the parks is more comfortable and simpler. Guests have the option to just walk across to the parks and the Downtown Disney District. Guests of these hotels even have the privilege to use an exclusive entrance to the Disney California Adventure Park, located inside Disney’s Grand Californian. For all these you can bank on the Disneyland park hopper deals. 

To travel to the Tomorrow land section of Disneyland Park guests can walk across to the Downtown Disney District and catch a monorail there. Moving from one park to the other is very simple, since the park entrances are right across from each other. That’s not the case in the Walt Disney World.

Ticketing and reservations 

Walt Disney World: Guests staying on the complex get to wear a wristband called a Magic Band, which stores all information about hotel reservations, park tickets, FastPass+ eligibility and reservations for dining and so on. The MagicBand serves as a hotel key too. Disneyland: There’s no MagicBand system so far at this resort. Resort guests are provided with a Key to the Magic card, which is to be used to access the hotel room, enter the parks, and other requirements. 


There are about twenty different attractive rides at both locations. Some of these common rides are the Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, and Pirates of the Caribbean. But there are many other rides that are distinct in nature for the two resorts. 

Walt Disney World: Some of the unique rides here are Mission: SPACE, Spaceship Earth, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Disneyland: In this resort we come across rides like the Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Matterhorn Bobsleds, in 2017, the Tomorrowland section was re-shaped as the Guardians of the Galaxy.